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My cat Max has pounced ,raced around like a kitten. He is 14 and joyfully plays and tosses felt fish in the air & catches it only to casually walk away and then to look back at his prey and start the game all over again. I have never seen him so physically engaged and playful!

Nina, Fish Toys

My cat loves this-the photos speaks for itself. She fits in nicely. She is 8 lbs. It’s also nice to know the purchase helps workers in Nepal. I felt good about my purchase. Not to mention how stylish and how much my cat loves it. She seems to really like the wool.

Sutton, Ombre Cave

Looks beautiful and the cats love it. They moved right in. I have several other cat beds and they never used them. They like this one. Customer service from Karma Cat is also outstanding.

Traudi, Bouquet Cave

Just received this cat bed today and my cat has been in it ever since! It's made really well, because the wool is so dense, it holds its shape and is really a good looking bed. I placed mine on my guest bed as a pillow accent and it looks great. It definitely is a bed you want people to see, super cool. Great purchase!

Barbara, Fish Cave

High quality wool pet beds that are unique and jaw-droppingly cute! I bought a pumpkin for my kitty and she loves it!

Sharon, Pumpkin Cave

Pets make the world better. shouldn't we?

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We say NO to greenwashing. We are more than just talk and can stand behind our statements. We are proud to be members of the Fair Trade Federation and Pet Sustainability Coalition, who thoroughly screen and evaluate our efforts too provide good work conditions, fair wages, safety, environmental sensitivity, financial transparency, and much more.

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